4 Digital Marketing Lessons To Scale Your Brand in 2021

November 18, 2020

Perhaps it’s too early to say ‘business as usual’, but there’s no denying the fact that brands are slowly but surely putting the falls and fears of 2020 behind them. Leading entrepreneur Kody White and success coach Bismarck Ebiweh share their expertise on prominent digital marketing trends. With another year slowly making its way to us, they share with us five digital marketing lessons to help you scale up your brand in 2021.

Digital marketing trends for 2021

White pointed out the growing significance of UX or user experience. He explained how it can’t be taken for granted anymore. White added that Google now factors in the UX signals into its rankings. This serves as a clear indicator of its growing importance. White firmly believes that businesses, small or big, will have to pay greater attention than before to their UX from a user’s perspective to keep their pages ranking high in 2021.

According to Ebiweh, the digital arena is on its next big wave of transformation—from digital to humane. He explained how Google’s BERT updates, for instance, have made him conclude that understanding what people what, how they’ll look for it, and how that will define their choices will be a great trend for businesses to learn and follow. 2021 will be a year when greater emphasis will be placed on understanding people’s ‘intent’ as they scout the Web to search for what they want.

The importance of influencer marketing and its future

White also believes that influencer marketing still has a long way to go. He added that influencers are being taken seriously by larger agencies, and testimony to that is the spurt in award ceremonies, including AIA. Influencer marketing has proved itself in terms of making a tangible difference in audience reach and revenue. White is confident that it will be a hot ticket in 2021.