About Us

About Us

You want a great media agency partner; we want a great client.

A great media agency partner will be one who can help you generate the most value and mileage for your media investment.

One that understands that the world within which brands communicate is continually changing, consumers are making better informed, more conscious, deliberate choices about the media they consume.

With the rise of a more conscious consumer, clients need an agency that understands the value of the exchange between brands, consumers and corporations and how to maximize the potential return from it by creating competitive advantage for their brands.

An agency that thinks beyond the conventional to client leadership and innovation and understands the trends and market dynamics that impact on the client’s brands, business and investment.

Sharemind is that media agency partner. We are a leading media advertising agency in Nigeria, and we bring country, category and consumer knowledge, in-depth analysis, global and local expertise and experience.

We previously traded as Initiative Lagos and commenced activities in 2004 working on the Unilever Nigeria business. We have gone on from there to do great work for other clients like Nigerian Breweries, Friesland Campina WAMCO, Hayat Kimya, GB Foods and others.

To maximize the value of the exchanges between brands and consumers and create competitive advantage for our clients.

To be the most innovative media agency in Nigeria.

Integrity, intellectualism, creativity, sense of urgency and mutual respect.